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Agile Project Management with Scrum & Kanban

  • Understanding the factors that determine project success or failure.
  • Gaining a wide view of the methodologies and practices available in Agile, and to which situation each is applicable.
  • Shared understanding within the organization of the challenges and expectation of each role.
  • Shared perspective when addressing process improvements.
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Agile Requirements, Estimation, and Planning

  • How Agile values affect requirements engineering
  • Identify and describe user roles
  • Write and evaluate user stories
  • To estimate and prioritize for iterations and releases
  • To split and/or combine user stories
  • Writing effective acceptance criteria and tests for user stories
  • Capture non-functional requirements as stories
  • Deriving tests from User Stories
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DevOps Fundamentals: Enabling Agility via Cloud Native Culture and Mindset

  • Describe the main principles of Lean Management and Agile leadership, and apply them in a change management context.
  • Assess your organisational maturity across the five key areas in the Continuous Delivery Maturity Model.
  • Understand high-level Cloud Native technical concepts such as microservices and containerisation.
  • Identify key capabilities, processes and resources needed for successful Cloud Native digital transformation and strategy.
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Professional Java

  • The course culminates in a Code Review, where students present their solutions to the final machine problem to the class, for review and critique by the instructor as well as by the entire class on the basis of Object-Oriented Design principles and Java Best Practices. This activity is demonstrably effective in instilling proper practices and approaches for students.
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Agile Testing and Test Automation

  • Understand how business requirements become database designs.
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