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Agile Project Management with Scrum & Kanban

  • Understanding the factors that determine project success or failure.
  • Gaining a wide view of the methodologies and practices available in Agile, and to which situation each is applicable.
  • Shared understanding within the organization of the challenges and expectation of each role.
  • Shared perspective when addressing process improvements.
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Agile Requirements, Estimation, and Planning

  • How Agile values affect requirements engineering
  • Identify and describe user roles
  • Write and evaluate user stories
  • To estimate and prioritize for iterations and releases
  • To split and/or combine user stories
  • Writing effective acceptance criteria and tests for user stories
  • Capture non-functional requirements as stories
  • Deriving tests from User Stories
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DevOps Fundamentals: Enabling Agility via Cloud Native Culture and Mindset

  • Describe the main principles of Lean Management and Agile leadership, and apply them in a change management context.
  • Assess your organisational maturity across the five key areas in the Continuous Delivery Maturity Model.
  • Understand high-level Cloud Native technical concepts such as microservices and containerisation.
  • Identify key capabilities, processes and resources needed for successful Cloud Native digital transformation and strategy.
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Professional Java Best Practices

  • Master object-oriented programming in Java for creating robust applications.
  • Harness Java’s multithreading for enhanced performance and responsiveness.
  • Excel in Spring and Hibernate frameworks for building enterprise applications with seamless database integration.
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