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O&B continuously seeks aspiring young professionals with a demonstrated growth mindset. If you believe you can excel in a fast-paced, intellectually stimulating environment, working together within teams made up of the best and brightest minds in the industry, and you want to jump start your career in management consulting even before you graduate, apply for an internship with us today!
Consulting Internships
At O&B, our internships are more than just a stepping stone; they are a gateway to the world of Stakeholder Capitalism. Here, you'll be immersed in projects that not only challenge and grow your expertise but also contribute to a larger purpose – shaping businesses to be forces for good in society. Dive into this unique experience where your ideas fuel change and your growth mirrors our collective progress.
— Adam Breen
Chief Executive Officer, O&B

Life as an O&B Consultant

We prioritize professional growth and learning opportunities.

O&B, with its wide range of expertise, offers a fertile ground for continuous learning and professional development. Through O&B Academy, and partnerships with international membership organizations such as the IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis), our people have access to top-tier training and development programs and well- structures professional career pathways.

Our leaders invest in our people to engage in impactful work.

Our CEO, Adam Breen, emphasises O&B's contribution to local, national, and even international agendas, through strategically focusing on engagements that foster financial inclusion, sustainability, social impact, and smart infrastructure, projects that help to build a better tomorrow.

Our people contribute directly to these projects, creating meaningful impact on society through stakeholder capitalism, where smart business and sustainability zare synergistic goals.

As O&B expands across ASEAN, and eventually globally, our consultants have the opportunity to work abroad, and develop valuable international exposure and experience.

We also offer amazingly competitive salaries, excellent benefits, free training, and a dynamic work environment with a variety of activities, where every O&Ber can contribute and make a real impact.

Adam Breen Consulting

At O&B, we believe in creating value that resonates beyond the boardroom, embracing Stakeholder Capitalism to shape a future where business success and societal progress are symbiotically intertwined. Join us in this journey, where your intellect and passion are instrumental in crafting sustainable, impactful strategies that redefine the essence of modern consultancy

Chief Executive Officer, O&B

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at O&B.

Join us at O&B, where diversity is celebrated, equity is championed, and inclusion is the driving force behind our collective success. Together, we strive for a workplace that reflects the richness of our diverse world and where everyone is empowered to excel.

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      Maegan Gabriana Consulting

      "I'm forever grateful that O&B became my platform for immersive hands-on learning. While school provided a foundation, O&B offered a comprehensive journey-from groundwork to design, development, and efficiency-led by seasoned experts within the company. Their guidance and expertise didn't just supplement my education; it transformed theory into real-world practice, enriching my skills and perspectives in ways that only relying on traditional education wouldn't match."
      — Maegan Gabriana
      Management Consultant