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Java Fundamentals

If you’re new to programming or looking to enhance your Java skills, this course is tailored to provide clear and comprehensive guidance through essential concepts. From grasping syntax intricacies to delving into object-oriented principles, we’ll traverse the fundamental aspects of Java, empowering you with the expertise and assurance to confront coding hurdles and unleash your innovative potential.

Course Overview

This course is an introduction to Java 17 and the most commonly used libraries of the Java Standard Edition (Java SE). It can be initial preparation for the Oracle Java certification exam as it covers most of the exam coverage.

Skill Level


Suitable For

Anyone with basic coding experience, wanting to consolidate their knowledge of Java 17.


Event Details




TERM 2: Apr 11 - 19 2024
TERM 3: Jun 19 - 27 2024
TERM 4: Sep 18 - 26 2024


8:30 am - 5:30 pm
Course registration is temporarily closed. Kindly wait for the updates regarding the registration for Term 3 and 4.