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Enterprise Java Best Practices

This course typically covers advanced Java concepts such as enterprise application architecture, Java EE (Enterprise Edition) specifications, web services, messaging, security, and integration with enterprise systems like databases and legacy applications.

Course Overview

Addresses more advanced techniques for common concerns in Java enterprise development:

  • Integration Testing: efficiency, reliability, repeatability
  • Performance & Data Consistency: especially in high-concurrency systems
  • Migrating Production Versions Safely
  • Architecting for Multiple Teams
  • Web & Database Optimization & Maintainability

Skill Level


Suitable For

Java developers who want to write high quality, robust, scalable code for Enterprise or other mission-critical applications. Should have prior experience with HTML, SQL, JUnit, Spring or Java EE, and JPA.

Event Details




Term 2: Jun 24 - 28 2024


8:30 am - 5:30 pm

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