Dive into diverse subjects like Agile, Testing, Data Engineering, and DevOps in our 'Topics' section at O&B Academy, offering in-depth insights for programming and learning enthusiasts

Acceptance Criteria >

Explore the Acceptance Criteria for O&B Academy's comprehensive courses, designed to foster industry-leading expertise.

Agile >

Delve into Agile methodologies with O&B Academy's specialized courses, tailored to equip professionals with cutting-edge Agile practices and principles.

Agile Project Management >

Master Agile Project Management with O&B Academy's expertly designed courses, ideal for professionals aiming to excel in dynamic project environments.

Agile Testing >

Uncover the essentials of Agile Testing with O&B Academy's specialized courses, tailored for professionals seeking to integrate effective testing strategies in Agile environments.

Angular JS >

Dive into the world of Angular JS with O&B Academy's comprehensive courses, designed for developers and IT professionals. Our training provides in-depth knowledge of AngularJS framework, empowering participants to build dynamic, responsive web applications.

Apache >

Explore the power of Apache with O&B Academy's targeted courses, designed for IT professionals and system administrators. Gain in-depth knowledge and practical skills in managing Apache web servers, ensuring optimal performance and security.

Architecture >

Learn about designing robust, scalable systems and frameworks, essential for successful enterprise architecture and strategic business alignment in today's technology-driven landscape.


Our curriculum covers a range of AWS technologies, equipping learners with the skills to design, deploy, and manage scalable cloud solutions, essential for navigating the complexities of today's cloud-centric IT environments.

Beginner Coding >

Embark on your coding journey with O&B Academy's Beginner Coding courses, perfectly suited for individuals new to programming. Our foundational courses offer a comprehensive introduction to coding principles, providing a solid base in various programming languages and tools, essential for building a career in the ever-evolving field of software development.

Big Data Processing Applications >

Gain expertise in cutting-edge tools and techniques for processing, analyzing, and extracting valuable insights from big data, a critical skill set in today's data-driven business landscape.

Bigdata >

Dive into the world of Big Data with this comprehensive overview. Learn about the challenges, opportunities, and technologies shaping the landscape of data-driven decision-making in today's digital age.

Change Control >

Learn effective strategies for navigating and implementing change in complex business environments, ensuring seamless transitions and maintaining operational stability, crucial in today's rapidly evolving corporate world.

Cloud >

Our training offers deep insights into cloud architecture, services, and deployment models, equipping learners to design, implement, and manage cloud solutions effectively in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Cloud Computing >

Elevate your cloud computing skills with O&B Academy's comprehensive Cloud courses, tailored for IT professionals and developers.

Cloud Native >

Delve into Cloud Native technologies with O&B Academy's expert-led courses, designed for professionals aiming to master modern cloud-based solutions.

Concurrency >

Master the complexities of Concurrency with O&B Academy's detailed courses, tailored for software developers and engineers. Gain a deep understanding of concurrent programming techniques, thread synchronization, and parallel processing, essential for building efficient, high-performance applications in today's multi-threaded computing environments.

Containers >

Unlock the potential of containerization with O&B Academy's Containers courses, designed for IT professionals and developers. Dive into the world of Docker, Kubernetes, and other container technologies to learn how to create, deploy, and manage lightweight, portable, and scalable applications, essential for modern software development and cloud infrastructure.

Continuous Delivery >

Advance your skills in Continuous Delivery with O&B Academy's specialized courses, perfect for professionals in software development and IT operations. Learn the principles and practices of building, testing, and releasing software rapidly and reliably, a critical capability for achieving high velocity in today's fast-paced digital business environment.

Continuous Integration >

Enhance your expertise in Continuous Integration with O&B Academy's targeted courses, essential for software developers and DevOps professionals. Gain practical knowledge in automating the integration of code changes, enabling more efficient and error-free builds, a pivotal practice for maintaining quality and speed in modern software development cycles.


Our training provides in-depth knowledge of Cascading Style Sheets, empowering you to create visually stunning, responsive websites. Master the art of styling and layout techniques, essential for crafting user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing web interfaces in today’s digital landscape.

Cybersecurity >

Cypress >

Cypress is an open-source testing framework built for modern web applications. It enables developers to write end-to-end tests effortlessly, providing real-time feedback during development, and ensuring application reliability and quality.

Data Engineering >

Dive into the core aspects of data architecture, pipeline design, and large-scale data processing. Learn to build robust, scalable data infrastructures, crucial for driving analytics and insights in today's data-centric business environment.

Data management >

Master the nuances of Data Management with O&B Academy's comprehensive courses, essential for IT professionals and data analysts. Gain expertise in organizing, storing, and retrieving data effectively.

Data Security Training >

Database >

Gain hands-on experience in database design, development, and administration. Learn to manage data efficiently using leading database technologies, a fundamental skill for powering data-driven decision-making in modern organizations.

database management >

Delve into Database management with O&B Academy's specialized courses, tailored for IT professionals and database administrators.

DB Unit >

Discover the power of DB Unit for database testing. Learn how to effectively use DB Unit to create and maintain clean, consistent, and reliable test data, ensuring the quality and integrity of your database-driven applications.

DevOps >

Advance your expertise in DevOps with O&B Academy's comprehensive courses, tailored for IT professionals and developers. Explore the principles of collaboration, automation, and integration between software development and IT operations.

Docker >

Learn to build, ship, and run applications efficiently using Docker, a key tool in modern software deployment. Our training provides hands-on experience in creating portable and scalable environments, crucial for enhancing development workflows in the cloud era.


Master the concepts of manipulating and interacting with HTML and XML documents via programming. Our training enhances your skills in creating dynamic, responsive web pages, a crucial aspect of modern web development and user experience design.

Domain Driven Design >

Explore the strategic approach of Domain-Driven Design with O&B Academy's courses, ideal for software architects and developers. Gain in-depth understanding of aligning software design with business objectives, focusing on complex domain modeling and effective communication between technical and domain experts, a vital skill for developing high-quality, business-centric software solutions.

Estimation and Planning >

Learn to accurately estimate resources, timeframes, and costs, and develop effective planning strategies. Master the techniques crucial for successful project delivery in today's fast-paced and agile work environments.

Extreme Programming >

Discover the core practices of XP, focused on enhancing software quality and responsiveness to changing customer requirements. Learn to apply agile software development methodologies, fostering a collaborative and efficient team environment, vital for high-performance software delivery.

Git >

Master Git, the essential tool for version control, with O&B Academy's tailored courses. Designed for developers and IT professionals, our training covers the fundamentals to advanced techniques of Git.

GitLab >

Unlock the full potential of GitLab with O&B Academy's comprehensive courses, crafted for developers, DevOps professionals, and project managers. Learn to leverage GitLab for effective version control, continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD), and collaboration.

GitOps >

Explore the cutting-edge practice of GitOps with O&B Academy's specialized courses, designed for DevOps engineers and IT professionals. Learn to implement GitOps for efficient infrastructure management, leveraging Git as the single source of truth.

Hadoop >

Learn to harness the power of Hadoop for big data processing, enabling scalable and distributed computing.

HBase >

Dive into HBase, the scalable and flexible NoSQL database, with O&B Academy's targeted courses. Ideal for data professionals and developers, our training covers HBase architecture, data modeling, and performance tuning.


Learn the intricacies of HDFS architecture, data storage, and management. Gain hands-on experience in deploying scalable and reliable storage solutions, essential for handling large data sets in distributed computing environments.


Master the foundational language of the web, learning to create structured, accessible web pages. Our training emphasizes practical skills in HTML5, equipping you to build responsive and interactive websites, a fundamental step in today's digital world.

Integration Testing >

Learn the techniques for combining individual software modules and verifying their interactions. Our training emphasizes practical strategies to detect interface defects, ensuring seamless functionality and robustness in complex software systems.

Java >

Enhance your programming expertise with O&B Academy's Java courses, designed for both novice and experienced developers. Dive into the world of Java, one of the most versatile and widely-used programming languages.

Javascript >

Delve into the core functionalities of JavaScript, a pivotal language for interactive web experiences. Our training encompasses everything from basic syntax to advanced techniques, enabling you to create dynamic, responsive websites and applications in today's fast-paced digital world.


Learn to integrate Java applications with databases using JDBC, gaining skills in database connectivity, query execution, and data manipulation. Our training is crucial for developing robust, data-driven applications in Java, enhancing your capabilities in database management and application development.

JMeter >

Learn to use JMeter, a powerful tool for load testing and measuring application performance. Our training covers creating test plans, simulating load scenarios, and analyzing results, essential for ensuring the scalability and reliability of web applications in high-demand environments.


Master the art of bridging the gap between object-oriented domain models and relational databases. Learn to efficiently map, store, retrieve, and manage data in Java applications, a vital skill for developing high-performing, data-driven applications in enterprise environments.

JUnit >

Learn the fundamentals of JUnit, a leading framework for unit testing in Java. Our training empowers you to write reliable, maintainable tests, ensuring code quality and functionality, crucial for agile and test-driven development environments.

Kanban >

Discover the principles of Kanban with O&B Academy's targeted courses, perfect for project managers, team leads, and Agile practitioners. Learn to enhance workflow efficiency and productivity using the Kanban system.

Kubernetes >

Master Kubernetes with O&B Academy's comprehensive courses, essential for IT professionals and DevOps engineers. Dive into the world of container orchestration, learning to manage and scale containerized applications efficiently.

Linux >

Gain a thorough understanding of Linux operating systems, including command-line proficiency, system administration, and network management. Our training prepares you to effectively operate in Linux environments, a critical skill set in today's diverse and open-source technology landscape.

Liquibase >

Learn to manage and track database changes seamlessly using Liquibase, enhancing your skills in database schema evolution and management. Our training provides practical knowledge in automating and streamlining database workflows, crucial for maintaining consistency and efficiency in fast-paced development environments.

Load Testing >

Enhance your proficiency in Load Testing with O&B Academy's specialized courses, tailored for QA engineers, developers, and IT professionals. Learn to simulate user demand on software, websites, and applications, ensuring performance under stress.

Machine-Learning >

Embark on a journey into Machine Learning with O&B Academy's courses, designed for aspiring data scientists, analysts, and technology professionals. Gain insights into the fundamentals and advanced concepts of machine learning, including algorithms, data processing, and predictive modeling.

MapReduce >

Learn the mechanics of MapReduce, a core component of the Hadoop ecosystem, for handling large-scale data analysis. Our training provides practical skills in developing scalable and efficient data processing solutions, crucial for navigating the complexities of big data in today's information-driven business landscape.

Maven >

Delve into Maven's powerful features for project management and comprehension. Learn to streamline the build process, manage project dependencies, and automate testing and deployment, enhancing efficiency and consistency in your software development lifecycle.

Mockito >

Learn the art of mocking in unit testing, using Mockito to create and configure mock objects. Our training empowers you to write clean, maintainable, and effective tests, crucial for improving code quality and ensuring functionality in complex software applications.

MockMvc >

Gain expertise in testing Spring MVC applications using MockMVC, a powerful framework for simulating HTTP requests and asserting responses. Our training equips you with the techniques to rigorously test your web applications, ensuring high-quality, robust, and reliable software solutions.

MongoDB >

Learn to utilize this powerful NoSQL database for managing high-volume, diverse data sets. Our training covers database design, querying, indexing, and scaling in MongoDB, equipping you with the skills to build efficient, scalable applications in today's data-driven technology landscape.

Network Security >

Object Oriented Principles >

Delve into Object-Oriented Principles with O&B Academy's courses, designed for software developers and computer science enthusiasts. Master the foundational concepts of object-oriented programming, including encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, and abstraction.


Explore the fundamentals of object-oriented programming (OOP), including concepts like classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism, and encapsulation. Learn how to apply OOP principles to create modular, reusable, and maintainable code.

Performance Testing >

Elevate your skills in Performance Testing with O&B Academy's dedicated courses, ideal for QA engineers and software developers. Learn to assess the speed, stability, and scalability of applications under various conditions.

PostgreSQL >

Explore the advanced features of PostgreSQL, a powerful open-source relational database system. Learn about database design, query optimization, and data management, equipping you with the skills to develop and maintain high-performing, scalable database solutions in complex data environments.

Python >

Discover the versatility of Python, a language renowned for its simplicity and power. Our training covers fundamentals to advanced topics, including data manipulation, web development, and automation, equipping you with the skills for diverse applications in today's fast-evolving tech landscape.

Python development >

Delve into Python's versatile programming capabilities, learning to develop efficient, readable, and powerful applications. Our training covers fundamental to advanced Python concepts, including data structures, algorithms, web development, and data analysis, essential for thriving in diverse programming and data-driven fields.

Quality Engineering >

Advance your career in Quality Engineering with O&B Academy's comprehensive courses, tailored for QA professionals and engineers. Explore the methodologies and tools for ensuring software quality, from design to deployment.

React >

Dive into the dynamic world of React with O&B Academy's specialized courses, perfect for front-end developers and UI designers. Master React's powerful library for building user interfaces, learning to create efficient, interactive web applications.

React JS >

Delve into one of today's most popular JavaScript libraries, learning to build dynamic and responsive user interfaces. Our training covers React fundamentals, component-based architecture, and state management, equipping you with the skills to create modern, scalable web applications in a fast-paced development environment.

Relational Database >

Explore the fundamentals of Relational Databases with O&B Academy's targeted courses, designed for database administrators, developers, and data analysts. Gain a deep understanding of database design, SQL, and data normalization.

Scala >

Dive into the world of Scala with O&B Academy's specialized courses, designed for software developers and engineers. Explore Scala's unique blend of object-oriented and functional programming paradigms.

Scrum >

Master the principles and practices of Scrum, a leading agile framework for efficient project management. Our training equips you with the skills for effective team collaboration, rapid iteration, and delivering high-value products, crucial in today's fast-paced and adaptive work environments.

Scrumban >

Uncover the synergies of Scrumban with O&B Academy's dedicated courses, ideal for project managers, Agile coaches, and team leads. Explore this hybrid Agile framework that combines the structure of Scrum with the flexibility of Kanban.


An SDET, or Software Development Engineer in Test, is a professional who possesses both software development skills and expertise in testing. They are responsible for creating and maintaining automated test frameworks, writing code to test systems, and ensuring software quality throughout the development process.

Security Training >

Selenium >

Master this powerful tool for web browser automation, learning to create robust, repeatable, and efficient test cases. Our training covers Selenium WebDriver, frameworks, and integration with testing strategies, essential for ensuring the quality and functionality of web applications in today's fast-paced digital landscape.

SoapUI >

Learn to utilize SoapUI, the leading tool for testing web services and APIs. Our training covers functional, regression, and load testing of SOAP and REST services, equipping you with the skills to validate and ensure the reliability of web services in complex software systems.

Spark >

Delve into Apache Spark with O&B Academy's comprehensive courses, designed for data engineers, data scientists, and software developers. Master this powerful open-source, distributed computing system for big data processing.

Spring >

Master the Spring Framework with O&B Academy's in-depth courses, ideal for Java developers seeking to build robust, enterprise-level applications. Learn the intricacies of Spring's core features, including dependency injection, aspect-oriented programming, and transaction management.

Spring Boot >

Elevate your Java development skills with O&B Academy's Spring Boot courses, perfect for software developers and engineers. Learn to streamline the creation of stand-alone, production-grade Spring applications.


Master SQL with O&B Academy's comprehensive courses, ideal for database administrators, analysts, and developers. Gain in-depth knowledge of SQL, the fundamental language for database management.


Learn the discipline of writing tests before code, a practice that ensures high-quality software design and functionality. Our training covers TDD methodologies, refactoring, and continuous integration, essential for producing reliable, maintainable, and bug-free software in agile development environments.

Terraform >

Learn to automate the building, changing, and versioning of infrastructure safely and efficiently. Our training covers Terraform's syntax, workflows, and best practices for managing cloud services and resources, a critical skill for streamlining and scaling cloud operations in today's technology-driven business landscape.

Test Automation >

Advance your skills in Test Automation with O&B Academy's specialized courses, designed for QA engineers, software testers, and developers. Learn to automate and streamline the testing process, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Test Containers >

Explore the innovative world of TestContainers with O&B Academy's courses, ideal for Java developers and software testers. Learn to leverage TestContainers for creating lightweight, throwaway instances of databases, browsers, or anything else that can run in a Docker container.

Test-Driven Development >

Immerse yourself in Test-Driven Development (TDD) with O&B Academy's comprehensive courses, tailored for software developers and QA professionals. Master the practice of writing tests before code, fostering a robust development process.

Testing >

Elevate your expertise in software testing with O&B Academy's extensive range of testing courses, designed for QA engineers, software developers, and testers. Gain comprehensive knowledge in various testing methodologies, including unit, integration, system, and acceptance testing.

UI Testing >

Specialize in UI Testing with O&B Academy's courses, ideal for QA engineers, UX designers, and front-end developers. Learn to evaluate user interfaces for functionality, consistency, and responsiveness.

User Stories >

Master the craft of creating effective User Stories with O&B Academy's specialized courses, designed for Agile practitioners, product owners, and business analysts. Learn the art of conveying requirements through concise, user-centric narratives.

Web Development >

Embark on a comprehensive journey into Web Development with O&B Academy's courses, designed for aspiring and experienced web developers. Learn to create engaging, responsive websites and applications using the latest technologies and best practices.

Web Services API >

Delve into the world of Web Services and APIs with O&B Academy's courses, perfect for software developers and IT professionals. Learn to design, develop, and integrate web services using RESTful and SOAP protocols.

Web Services Testing >

Deepen your expertise in Web Services Testing with O&B Academy's specialized courses, perfect for QA analysts, software testers, and developers. Learn to validate the functionality, reliability, performance, and security of web services, including SOAP and REST APIs.