Java User Group Philippines

7th Meetup

This is the 7th Meetup of Java User Group Philippines. Join us to tackle another exciting topic in the Java space!

The venue is sponsored by Orange and Bronze Philippines. Thanks to Azul and JetBrains for the continuous support for food and beverage and software licenses.

Program Flow:

3:00 PM : Doors open
3:15 PM : Intro from O & B Philippines by Adam Breen
Updates from JUG Philippines by Tristan Mahinay and JCP Celebration
3:35 PM : Refactoring in Java by Eric Martin
4:35 PM : Modularity with Spring Modulith by Lorenzo Dee
5:35 PM : Break and Food Distribution
5:45 PM : Instrumenting and visualizing Spring Boot apps using Prometheus and Grafana by Raymond Del Rosario
6:45 PM - Onwards: JetBrains License Raffle, JCP Celebration Merch Raffle and Networking

April 5, 2024

TIME (Asia/Manila)
3:00 PM to 6:45 PM
O&B Headquarters