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Discover comprehensive courses in our 'CMS Courses' section at O&B Academy, providing in-depth learning experiences for programming and sustainable agility.

Agile Fundamentals >

Orange & Bronze is primarily a software development firm. Our very survival depends on the successful delivery of projects. Our

Agile Project Management with Scrum & Kanban >

Orange & Bronze is primarily a software development firm. Our very survival depends on successful delivery of projects. Our approach

Agile Requirements, Estimation, and Planning >

This 2-day workshop provides a hands-on simulation on effective requirements elicitation practices, inclusive of having effective discussions with stakeholders, translating

Classic Hadoop >

Classic Hadoop is a pioneering open-source framework designed for distributed storage and processing of large datasets across clusters of commodity

Python for Data Engineers >

This course aims to teach students the skills necessary in data engineering to author Python programs. Students will use both

Scala for Data Engineers >

Scala is a powerful and expressive programming language that seamlessly blends object-oriented and functional programming paradigms. It is particularly well-suited

Apache Spark >

Apache Spark is a versatile and powerful framework for processing and analyzing large-scale data. Its in-memory processing, distributed computing capabilities,

Apache Airflow >

Apache Airflow is an open-source platform used to programmatically author, schedule, and monitor workflows. It allows you to define, schedule,

DevOps Fundamentals: Enabling Agility via Cloud Native Culture and Mindset >

This one-day workshop helps you to understand the benefits of the Cloud Native approach. Using principles from Lean Management and

Docker & Kubernetes Fundamentals >

In this course, you will learn about the concept, features, use cases, and benefits of containers, and the difference between

Continuous Integration Basics >

Continuous Integration (CI) is a DevOps practice which allows developers to merge code changes coming from several sources. It means

Professional Kubernetes for Developers >

In this course, students will learn how to design, develop, build, and deploy their applications in a manner that is

Professional Kubernetes for Operations >

In this course, students will learn how to deploy applications in a manner that is resilient, scalable, and secure when

Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery with Gitlab >

Continuous Integration (CI) is a vital technique in software development that streamlines the integration of code modifications from multiple team

AWS Cloud Practitioner Preparation >

This course serves as a foundational overview of Amazon Web Services(AWS). At the end of the course, trainees will be

Infrastructure as Code: Provisioning & Change Control with Terraform and GitOps >

This course starts with the basics by providing an overview of Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC), which is the basic concept for Terraform.

Linux Fundamentals >

Since the 1990s, Linux has grown to become one of the most reliable and secure operating systems in the world.

Git Fundamentals >

Since Git has quickly become the most popular version control system today, due being open source, distributed, and having a

Programming for Beginners – using JavaScript >

The course will cover both basic and advanced features of JavaScript. The course will provide extensive exercises to reinforce the

Programming for Beginners – using Python >

This training course covers the basics of Python development. The course is geared towards participants with no programming background. It

Java Fundamentals >

This course is an introduction to Java 17 and the most commonly used libraries of the Java Standard Edition (Java

Professional Java Best Practices and Test-Driven Development >

As Martin Fowler wrote in his famous blog post, Flaccid Scrum, many Agile Software Development efforts fail, because they do

Professional Spring Boot with JPA >

Spring is a dependency-injection application framework that accelerates development, making microservices quick and easy. This 5-day course provides participants with

Enterprise Java Best Practices and Enterprise Test Automation >

Addresses more advanced techniques for common concerns in Java enterprise development:

Cypress: Foundations of Web Test Automation >

Cypress, an essential tool for end-to-end testing, offers a comprehensive course focusing on its fundamental principles and practical applications. Participants

JMeter: Load Testing >

This training course will cover the fundamentals of running custom load and performance tests with JMeter. We will discuss the

Data Security Training >

This training program provides a comprehensive understanding of data security, covering essential concepts, policies, best practices, audits, incident response, and

SQL Fundamentals >

This course teaches students to understand how business requirements become database designs, and the basics of reading and writing to

PostgreSQL Fundamentals >

PostgreSQL is one of the few open source databases that are well-accepted in corporate environments. It is prized for its

Database Optimization Training >

Database performance problems are often impossible to catch through manual testing during development, or even in the first few months

Software Testing Fundamentals >

The Software Testing Fundamentals course is meticulously designed to offer participants a thorough grasp of the principles, methodologies, and practices

Web Development Fundamentals >

This training course will cover the basics of building web pages using HTML. Lectures will cover an introduction of HTML

React: Practical Front End Application Development >

React JS is a powerful front-end JavaScript framework, but with great power comes great responsibility!  Unlike Angular JS, React JS

Angular: Practical Front End Application Development >

Angular is one of the fastest and most popular open-source UI frameworks today. Knowing how to use it is essential